I did badly in college…but I want to get into a top MBA program. Can I do this?

I’m in my junior year so far at San Francisco State University (not Stanford or Harvard…sigh), and I only have a pitiful 3.27 GPA so far. I’m majoring in Accounting (I’m 20 years old).

I would love to go to a top tier business school, because I hear that the reputation of your business school is of utmost importance. Specifically, I have my eyes focused on Dartmouth’s Tuck, Kellogg, or Georgetown. I also took a practice Kaplan GMAT test, got a 700, took the official study guide, got a 760. I’ve also been working part-time as an office manager for a few years. I’m also in an academic accounting association (Beta Alpha Psi).

However, my poor grades and shoddy school will prevent me from going to business school right after graduation. With that in mind, what if I got about 5 years of work experience and take time to teach English abroad for at least a year? If I managed to worm my way into a decent company, would I then have a fighting chance at my dream schools?

Thanks. 🙂

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