Can you explain this?

I just took the GMAT, and I scored lower that I’ve ever scored on the exam in my life. Before I took a prep course, I scored a 550. However, while I was taking the prep course – and it was a very good prep course – I was doing well on the practice exams. The practice exams are harder than the actual GMAT exam, and I scored a 550 on the first practice exam and a 660 on my last practice exam. I went into today’s official GMAT exam expecting at least a 550 – considering that that’s what I scored before I took the prep course and studied. Now that I’ve taken the prep course and studied, I scored a 530 on the exam. What gives?

Instead of improving, my score went down. I feel so dumb and defeated. At the same time, I’m very angry.
I wish I can retake it, but the application deadline to the program I want to go to is at the end of this month. The scores are not going to get to the school on time.

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